Studio Rack

StudioRack is a modular live audio and video production system for the Windows O.S., intended for the more demanding podcaster, audio and video producers, DJ’s, radio stations, tv stations etc. Because of its modular approach, the program can be configured as needed. Eventually it may even do more.. Here’s what one of the beta testers wrote after testing the first beta: “While I was testing StudioRack (SR) 0.01 I started two SRs. I run with two monitors, so I put one in each monitor. On one SR I loaded it with 1u players filled with sound effects and drop-ins. I saved this profile as “Cart Machine”. The other SR I loaded a recorder, my show opener and show closer. I saved this profile as “Radio QRM”. Now when I do a show, I can bring up the “Radio QRM” SR, drag and drop the songs for that show on it. I can then bring up the second “Cart Machine” SR with all my sound effects and it all records fine via the external mixer. I’m beginning to really love this program!”